How to Become a Smarter Writer by Playing Games

In annual surveys that the National Association of Colleges and Employers conducted between 2000 and 2018, employers voiced a common complaint: Most college graduates “lack writing skills.”

Many capable professionals — particularly in scientific and technical fields — struggle with the simple act of writing concise, well-organized sentences and developing them into logically constructed paragraphs. Unfortunately, well-educated people often make the mistake of thinking that intelligent writing means expressing ideas in complicated sentences, stuffed with lots of inflated, mind-numbing jargon.

The focus of the 90-minute, online Smarter Writer class is on translating complex information into language that customers and colleagues can follow easily. We will treat sentences as word puzzles — and solve communication problems by putting the pieces together.

We will also look closely at specific language patterns that skilled professional writers and editors rely on to express ideas coherently — in plain English.

After completing the class, participants will have unlimited access to the Smarter Writer video, which reinforces the writing and editing techniques covered during the online workshop.

No cost, no obligation!

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