How to Become a Smarter Writer by Solving Word Puzzles

Since the advent of the internet, the demand for people who can write concisely and persuasively has grown dramatically. In the age of instant communication, the ability to translate complex information into lean, clean English sentences — quickly and professionally — will often make the difference between success and failure, for organizations and individuals alike.

But America’s system of education has done a poor job of preparing a 21st-century workforce that can meet this critical need. In annual surveys conducted between 2000 and 2020 by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills — clear writing and speaking — have been at or near the top the list of skills that employers value most. According to the 2005 survey, “the number one skill that employers say they want … is the very skill they most often say candidates lack. Many respondents reported that college graduates lack good grammar and writing skills …”

Over time, the writing skills of ostensibly well-educated business professionals have continued to decline. Even most of our top-rated schools have failed to heed the call from business leaders for graduates who understand how to present their ideas in plain English.

Today, regardless of their job titles, professionals in the workplace are spending most of their day engaged in fundamental literacy activities. They are sitting in front of their computers, reading and writing all day long. For those workers, writing is not an academic exercise. It’s their job.

In the free, 90-minute How to Become a Smarter Writer class, we’ll begin by looking at the four fundamental language patterns that skilled professional writers and editor in America’s publishing industry rely on to communicate clearly and persuasively with their readers. In the process, people in your organization will learn how to treat sentences as word puzzles — and how to solve writing problems by putting the pieces together.

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