How to Become a Smarter Writer by Solving Word Puzzles

All of the studies on legal writing over the last 50 years have reached the same conclusion: Most judges are exasperated by the tiresome process of wading through deeply piled legal jargon. They consistently rule in favor of lawyers who have learned how to present their arguments in plain English.

In the 90-minute, online Smarter Writer class, you’ll learn a series of techniques that top professional writers and editors in America’s publishing industry use to communicate concisely and persuasively. Understanding how these techniques work, and applying them to your own writing, will help you develop a writing style that’s as clear and easy to follow as a magazine article. (See Legal Times )

Here are comments from two lawyers who learned how to improve their legal writing skills by participating in the Write Smart program:

“In probably the most important case I have ever worked on – a case before the Supreme Court of California – our legal team hired Mike McClory for his writing and editing skills. In a Petition for Review … he wrote some portions and edited the rest… Of the 158 petitions submitted, the Court chose to hear only two. One of them was ours.”- Attorney, Washington, D.C.

“I took Mr. McClory’s class the summer before entering law school, and the lessons I learned from him have served me well – both in school and in practice. While writing classes in law school were useful for learning the formalities of legal style, they were not aimed at teaching how to state an argument plainly and persuasively. Most lawyers are smart people, but they tend to write long, convoluted sentences in an attempt to sound like a lawyer. More often than not, cogent arguments get lost in the process. Mr. McClory’s practical guidance can correct that.”- Young Lawyer, California

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