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For many 21st century business, government, and education organizations — both in the United States and around the world — there is a growing need for a workforce that is proficient in speaking and writing English. The Speak Write program, when combined with our writing courses and editorial support services, extends well beyond the scope of most TOEFL classes, which are concerned primarily with “conversational” English.

In the Speak Write program, we start with some of the fundamentals of understanding English (listening and reading). Then we move on to developing a working knowledge of professional expression (based on the relationship between speaking and writing). The term professional expression refers to the ability to speak English with clarity and confidence, regardless of the situation. Yes, we will pay attention to the everyday idioms in English. But we will also use resources that focus on current events in the news — including business, government, social trends, technology, education, politics, sports, and entertainment.

It is common knowledge that English has become the world’s international language. What is less well-known is that in many of the advanced countries of northern Europe — Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands — universities are now offering more than 3,000 undergraduate and graduate programs taught entirely in English. These are not just English classes. They are complete courses of study in areas ranging from business to biology to engineering.

In Japan, several prominent companies (Rakuten, Honda, Shiseido, Fast Retailing) are already implementing an “English-only” policy in the workplace. English is becoming the official language for meetings, reports, email messages, and everyday conversations. Other companies in Japan — and some in South Korea — appear to be following their example.

If you are interested in learning more about Speak Write or any of the other Write Smart programs, please complete the information below.

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