Participants come away with new skills . . . and new confidence.

“Thirty people attended the first session, and due to popular demand, a special class was scheduled . . . comments and evaluations received about the course content and the instructor’s presentation have been extremely positive.” – HR Director, Washington, D.C.

“I rated him 100%. Excellent. . . . Great class.” – Proposal Writer, IT Company

“I’d love to take this course again. . . . Mr. McClory is a great teacher. Thanks for making learning so enjoyable.” – OIG Auditor, Government Agency

“I learned more about the English language in this program than I learned in four years of high school (in honors English classes). Mr. McClory explains everything and answers all questions with ease.”   – High School Graduate

“I took Mr. McClory’s class the summer before entering law school, and the lessons I learned from him have served me well – both in school and in practice. While writing classes in law school were useful for learning the formalities of legal style, they were not aimed at teaching how to state an argument plainly and persuasively. Most lawyers are smart people, but they tend to write long, convoluted sentences in an attempt to sound like a lawyer. More often than not, cogent arguments get lost in the process. Mr. McClory’s practical guidance can correct that.” – Young Lawyer, California

“Writing on the job is no longer an intimidating chore. Handling a writing assignment now gives me an inner feeling of being in charge.” – Administrative Assistant, Trade Association

“Mr. McClory has repeatedly demonstrated a remarkable ability to translate complex technical or legal issues into language that people understand easily.” – Director of Strategic Planning, Government Agency

“I just took a practice SAT test and my grammar scores, unlike usual, skyrocketed, which I believe is largely due to the Write Smart techniques that focus on punctuation use and effective word selection.”  – High School Student

“Review of fundamentals was excellent and very helpful. . . . Kept my interest from beginning to end.” – Executive Assistant, Professional Association

“In many cases, making the arrest is the easy part. The hard part is writing the report. . . . This training has helped a lot.”  – Law Enforcement Officer

“As a teacher, Mr. McClory combines an encyclopedic understanding of the English language with the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. He knows how to add a spark to areas that most people find boring.”  – Small Business Owner

“The book makes excellent use of examples…. Schools should put greater emphasis on the fundamentals to create a solid base for each student’s growth.”  – College Student

“We learned more than we thought possible and had fun besides. . . . I especially learned how bad my letter was. I thought I had done a great job. Thank you for your frankness . . . I hope we see you again.” – International Tax Specialist, Government Agency

“My participation in the program has produced a 20 percent increase in our newsletter renewals – nothing short of phenomenal in this business. The emphasis on how to apply professional techniques, not just learning them, made all the difference.” – Managing Editor, Newsletter Publishing Company

“Mr. McClory taught me to make persuasive arguments that were logical and easy to follow. He also taught me how to edit legal documents.” – Attorney, SEC 

“Mr. McClory’s work with our faculty was reflected in our students’ improved scores on standardized state tests. I, too, have referred frequently to his book and have found it extremely helpful.” – High School Principal

“Highly recommended to managers and staff who are involved in any way with writing or reviewing written communications.” – President, Consulting Company

“. . . greatly improved my ability to say things clearly and directly.” – Officer, U. S. Military

“Thoroughly professional presentation . . . not a boring minute.” – Executive, PR Firm

“Mr. McClory provides clear explanations of subjects that I had always found confusing, especially punctuation.” – High School Student

“In probably the most important case I have ever worked on – a case before the Supreme Court of California – our legal team hired Mike McClory for his writing and editing skills. In a Petition for Review . . . he wrote some portions and edited the rest. . . . Of the 158 petitions submitted, the Court chose to hear only two. One of them was ours. The other side settled.” – Attorney, Washington, D.C.

“Excellent. . . .Right on target.” – Computer Programmer, Government Agency

“Outstanding, particularly the practice in editing techniques.” – Contracting Officer, Government Agency

“I have been in TAG English for the last five years. I remember learning a little bit about the things presented in the course, but a lot of it was new. The teacher makes English exciting, especially the grammar part.”  – Middle School Student

“Your text is the first one I’ve seen that makes sense. It provides a clear understanding of how to solve on-the-job communication problems. . . . Hands-on editing was most helpful.” – Engineering Supervisor, Fortune 500 Company

“When I took Mr. McClory’s course in Washington, I had been practicing law for more than 20 years. Quite frankly, I was surprised at how much I was able to learn. . . . I highly recommend this course to law students and practicing attorneys alike.” – Senior Partner, International Law Firm

“This program supplemented the brief bits of grammar learned in high school English. Some concepts introduced in the section on style were completely new to me. The most interesting parts were the simple things no one had ever bothered to explain to me.”  – High School Student

“Great … I thought I would fall asleep, but this was interesting!” – Investigator, Government Agency

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