Part 2 – How to Write and Edit your First Draft … Carefully

(A 12-hour Program: Online or Onsite)

In the 12-hour program, we’ll go beyond clear, concise, and correct. Our focus will be on practical application: using the principles covered in Part 1 to prepare an exceptional first draft. The objective is to develop an understanding of how to employ a series of specific writing and editing techniques – to create sentences that spark the reader’s interest, command attention, and earn respect.

The expectation at this stage is not that people will start producing Nobel Prize-winning material overnight. What they will learn is a step-by-step approach to getting their writing projects off to a good start, based on the language models and practices used in the North American publishing industry.

For each participant … The 12-hour program (online or onsite) will include interactive instruction and all of the tools that come with The Fundamentals of Clear Communication program – plus the 6-hour Good Grammar  Perfect Punctuation  Smart Sentences video and the 26-page Write Smart Editorial Handbook.

Online Group Price (10 to 60 participants, four 3-hour classes): $2,900

Onsite Group Price (10 to 30 participants, two 6-hour classes): $4,600

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Part 2 – How to Write and Edit Your First Draft … Carefully

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