Part 3
Writing That Works: Developing a Smooth, Persuasive Style

(The 18-hour Full Program)

Why is the typical magazine article easy to follow, while so many reports (letters, réumés, legal and technical documents, student compositions, etc.) are tedious and muddled? In Part 3 of the 18-hour Full Program, the emphasis will be on employing professional editing practices – essential ingredients in creating a writing style that is crisp and focused.

We will devote most of our time to reviewing and editing writing samples (submitted by the participants) or to editing the work of others. In the process, we will devise successful strategies for organizing sentences and paragraphs into a coherent, engaging narrative.

For each participant … the 18-hour program (online or onsite) includes all of the learning tools provided in Parts 1 & 2plus the 3-hour 21st Century Standard Usage video and the 1-hour Writing for the Reader video.

Online Group Price (10 to 50 participants, six 3-hour classes): $3,900

Onsite Group Price (10 to 30 participants, three 6-hour classes): $5,900

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Part 3
Writing That Works: Developing a Smooth, Persuasive Style

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