Part 1 – The Fundamentals of Clear Communication

(GSA Discount – Online or Onsite)

Like successful athletes and accomplished musicians, most good writers understand the importance of learning and practicing fundamental patterns.

In this foundational 6-hour program, we will look closely at the 12 language patterns (not rules!) that skilled professional writers and editors use to turn good ideas into good writing. People who develop the ability to be playful with the patterns of English will see a dramatic improvement in their ability to create well-organized sentences that are concise, direct, and easy to follow.

For each participant … The 6-hour program (online or onsite) will include two 90-minute videos (How to Become a Smarter Writer by Solving Word Puzzles and Tying Ideas Together) – plus a copy of the updated edition of the 250-page Write Smart eBook, with access to dozens of brain-training Grammar Puzzles.

Online Group Price (10 to 60 participants, two 3-hour classes, flexible scheduling): $1,900

Onsite Group Price (10 to 30 participants, one-day class): $2,460

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Part 1 – The Fundamentals of Clear Communication

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