Part 2 – How to Write and Edit your First Draft … Carefully

(A 12-hour Program – Online or Onsite)

In the 12-hour program, we’ll go beyond clear, concise, and correct. Our focus will be on practical application: using the principles covered in Part 1 to prepare an exceptional first draft. The objective is to develop an understanding of how to use specific writing and editing techniques to create sentences that spark the reader’s interest, command attention, and earn respect.

The expectation in this program is not that employees in your organization will start producing Pulitzer Prize-winning material overnight. What they will learn is a professional, step-by-step approach to handling each writing assignment – so that people at the next level won’t have to do it all over again!

For each participant … The 12-hour program (online or onsite) will include The Fundamentals of Clear Communication and all of the tools that come with that program – plus the 6-hour Good Grammar  Perfect Punctuation  Smart Sentences video and the 26-page Government Editorial Handbook.

Online Group Price (10 to 60 participants, four 3-hour classes): $2,900

Onsite Group Price (10 to 30 participants, two 6-hour classes): $4,240

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Part 2 – How to Write and Edit Your First Draft … Carefully

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