How to Edit Your First Draft

(A 6-hour, interactive, online program)

Why is the typical magazine article easy to follow, while so many reports (letters, email and text messages, résumés, proposals, legal documents, student compositions, computer manuals, government regulations, etc.) are tedious and muddled? The answer can be summed up in a single word: editing.

First-rate publications hire skilled professional editors to clean up the careless errors that most writers make. But if you can’t afford to hire an editor, you have to learn how to be your own editor. In this stimulating, interactive 6-hour online program (three 2-hour segments), you will have an opportunity to apply all of the techniques covered in the four videos and the Writing That Works course.

The emphasis is on cutting your message down to size — getting rid of long-winded explanations that produce a boring writing style. You will find new ways to put some life into dull sentences and create an engaging, conversational tone.

Includes all of the materials from the previous courses — plus hands-on editing and the 26-page Write Smart Editorial Checklist.

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Prerequisite: Writing That Works

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