Playing Games — Not Memorizing Rules

Languages are word games. Like other games, different languages follow different grammatical patterns. In this free Write Smart video, the focus is on learning how to become a smarter writer by playing games with the patterns of the English language.

Instead of memorizing rules, we’ll take a close look at a series of fundamental techniques used by skilled professional writers and editors in the North American publishing industry. The objective of this online program is simple: learn how to use professional writing models to develop a writing style that’s easy to follow — and have some fun in the process.

By treating words as players in a game — and sentences as word puzzles — you’ll be able to turn good ideas into good sentences by putting the pieces together. With a little practice, you can develop a writing style that’s as clear and easy to read as a magazine article.

Best of all, you get instant access to the video: no download time, no credit card requirement.

How to Become a Smarter Writer by Playing Games

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