Intro 2 – Tying Ideas Together

Includes the 250-page Write Smart eBook —
with brain-building grammar games —
and the 90-minute Tying Ideas Together video

Many well-educated people who speak correctly make lots of careless errors when they are writing. In the Write Smart eBook, you’ll find answers to hundreds of questions about how to express your ideas in sentences that are both easy to follow and thought provoking. That’s because the Write Smart 12-Step System provides practical explanations based on techniques used by skilled professional writers and editors in the publishing industry — techniques that you can apply to your own writing. Plus … you’ll be able to play dozens of stimulating grammar games.

The Intro 2 program also gives you unlimited access to the 90-minute Tying Ideas Together video, which focuses on the key words that good writers rely on to connect their ideas — and to create sentences that flow smoothly from one thought to the next. (Note: Overuse of words such as however, therefore, nevertheless, etc., will often produce long, boring sentences.) And what about punctuation? Learning the roles played by the key words will help you make smart, consistent punctuation decisions.

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Prerequisite: How to Become a Smarter Writer video

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