Writing That Works

(A 6-hour, interactive, online program)

Once you have become familiar with the organizing principles of English and the fundamental punctuation practices covered in the Write Smart video series, you are ready to move on to developing a smooth, persuasive style.

The Writing That Works program is not a video. In this lively, interactive online course, divided into three 2-hour segments, we will focus on specific problem areas:

  • Breaking bad writing habits and developing new ones.
  • Avoiding ambiguous language.
  • Writing concise sentences, not choppy sentences.
  • Creating seamless transitions.
  • Knowing when to use parallel construction.
  • Coming up with strong introductions and solid conclusions.

Includes all of the materials from the previous courses — plus a 3-hour video, The Right Word: 21st Century Standard Usage.

Includes a copy of the 250-page Write Smart eBook — plus access to the brain-training grammar games — for each participant.

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Prerequisite: Good Grammar • Perfect Punctuation • Smart Sentences

(Want this course on-site? Contact Write Smart for details.)

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